Royal Rangers

Ranger Kids
For kindergarten, first grade, and second grade boys.

This impressionable age group is foundational in providing the background and training for solid mental, physical, social and spiritual growth into manhood. The Ranger Kids challenging and fun advancement system encourages boys to learn and grow using indoor and outdoor activities and games. The weekly lessons and objectives help to reinforce godly principles in their daily lives. In this age group the boys have an opportunity to achieve many advancements that can be worn on an awards vest each week as part of their official Royal Rangers uniform.

Discovery Rangers
For third, fourth, and fifth grade boys.

The Discovery Rangers program introduces an exciting advancement system. In this system boys will learn through both camping and non-camping activities. The merit-based curriculum emphasizes learning at their own pace.

Adventure Rangers
For sixth, seventh, and eighth grade boys.

Adventure Rangers participate in more challenging camping and outdoor activities. They work on skill development in advanced camping, Junior Leadership Training, Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship (FCF), working toward the Bronze, Silver and Gold medals with national recognition. The weekly planning guides will encourage the boys to learn and stay on course for the highest award a boy can earn—the Gold Medal of Achievement.

Expedition Rangers
For ninth through twelfth grade boys.

This is an action-packed adventure trail. The Expedition Ranger is challenged by advanced camping and camp craft skill opportunities. These extreme activities offer boys in this age group opportunities to develop confidence to become more self-reliant and gain a greater appreciation of God. Several advancement tracks are available including Air, Sea, Trail, Chaplain and High Action Rangers, and more. Boys will be challenged to service through Home and Foreign Missions, Youth and Men’s Ministry.